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We undertake the following consultancy work for marine industries.

  1. Ship conversion or modification as per customer requirements including design, steel fabrication and erection.
  2. Details study for under water repairs at dry dock assessing the repairs estimating the costs and finalising the yards for economical repairs.
  3. Running maintenance repairs, forecasting corrective actions and providing logistics for maintenance at various ports on the eastern cost of India.
  4. Sourcing of spares and procurement.
  5. Organise small crafts (upto 80M) design and construction to the classification standards.
  6. Setting up of slipway facility - proposal and business plan reports
  7. Sourcing of equipment, layout plans and project management for slipways and floating dry docks.

      8.  Supply of sheet metal pressed components for automobile and Generator industries.

      9.  Sourcing of highly skilled engineers for ship/pipe design using Tribon/catia /ProE and other latest softwares. 

     10. Manufacture and supply of innovative Vending machines using latest IT know how for various food industries.

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What services do you need?




       1 . Pressed sheet metal components for automobile/electrical industries manufactured using latest technology and supplied

       2.  Manpower in the field of ship design / pipe design softwares made available . For your need please contact us

       3. Manufacturing and supplying using latest IT knowhow in the field of vending machines for various use.